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Privacy Policy For Book Airlines Reservations

Airlines store your personal information to maintain their official record. Most of the time this information prove to be very helpful in crucial cases. Your personal information keeps safe and private to develop good bonding with you. Book online for your safe and secure travel with us.

Some important personal information you need to provide while booking tickets online:


Contact Details

Webmail Address

Residential Address


Date of Birth

While booking online, you can buy tickets using your credit card. You are required to provide your credit card number and its expiry date.

You can also show your membership number to get tickets via frequent flyer and other loyalty programs.

Why Airlines Need Your Personal Information

  • Sometimes we need to share your personal information with the third party vendor to facilitate your purchase such as airlines, hotels and credit card approval companies.
  • The airline uses your information to send special offers to your email address. You can easily unsubscribe to it if required.
  • When you visit our official website, your IP address is shared with some commercial advertising companies that drop a cookie on your system to send offers related to your search. It does not include information such as your name, contact number, address and email address.

In what Circumstances Airlines Share Your Information

We keep your details secret unless until:

  • You break any rule and regulations given by airlines or go against the law.
  • When it is required by the law such as police, custom. Court order.

What Kind of Security Measures We Use

Whenever your information is required to send over the internet, it is sent in an encrypted data format. We use highly secure SSL technology(secure socket layers), Companies like Microsoft and Netscape also use SSL technology as it prevents hackers and leakage of data.

What We Do Not Cover In Privacy Policy

  • The behavior of companies which are not associated with us such as links to sites not controlled by us and workforce which is not hired by us.
  • Carefully review their corresponding privacy note before you reveal any information to them.

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